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If you're anything like us, you’ll find an unreliable electrical system concerning. Stopping this by all means for Rathdrum, ID residents has been our mantra and the driving force behind our enthusiasm. You tell us you have a troublesome electrical system, and we'll swoop in, save the day, and ensure your lights stay on. No need to thank us; it's all in a day's work.

Trust our expert technicians to accurately diagnose electrical issues, fish out underlying wiring problems, troubleshoot them, and keep you safe from shocking surprises. At our core, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled outcomes and placing customer contentment at the forefront of every encounter.

We don't just fix electrical problems; we also offer the best installation, upgrade, and maintenance services. From brightening up your space to keeping your circuits in check, our team of electrical experts has got you covered.

A Comprehensive Solution for Your Residential and Commercial Needs

Sawyer Plumbing and Electric is the one-stop shop for all your residential and commercial needs. Experience the full spectrum of our offerings, from gas line installation and repair to plumbing services and drain cleaning services.

We always pledge to get the job done with lightning-fast precision. To achieve this goal, our team of tech wizards wields state-of-the-art equipment to solve them in record time. We take safety so seriously that we treat it like royalty.

Trustworthy, Transparent, and Efficient Services

We follow the best practices and standards in the industry, and our repairs are so precise and careful that even future problems are afraid to appear.

What we do not do, however, is shock our customers with hidden fees or jolt them with sky-high prices. Our electrical services are fairly priced and electrifyingly good. We don't like surprises, so we'll give you a detailed estimate before we start any project.

At Sawyer Plumbing and Electric, we also respect your time and strive to complete all repairs promptly and efficiently.

And our experts have been at this for years. So go ahead and throw any question or concern their way - they'll catch it with ease.

Remember, when you choose us today, you're signing up for a partnership with a reputable and reliable company.

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Reach out to us now to spark a conversation about our different services. We'll be your shock absorber and keep your electrical systems from short-circuiting.

Frequently Asked Question

1How long does an electrical repair typically take?
The duration of an electrical repair can vary depending on the nature and complexity of the issue. Minor repairs, such as replacing a faulty switch or fixing a loose connection.
2Do you guys offer Plumbing Services in Hayden ID?
Yes we do offer Plumbing Services in Hayden, Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene, Rathdrum, for more details call us at 208-777-7878.