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Aging In Place? Consider A Home Update For Safety And Comfort

hanges in physical and mental health are almost inevitable as we age. Fortunately, a change in your address doesn’t always have to follow as a result. For those who are approaching advanced ages or experiencing changes in ability, turn to Sawyer Plumbing for modern day conveniences to enhance quality of life. Our expertise in aging in place services helps to create safe, accessible homes in the Spokane Area.

More and more people are deciding to age in place rather than uproot their lives by moving to assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Fortunately, modern technologies make aging in place not only a comfortable choice but also provide modern-day conveniences to enhance the quality of life.

Things To Consider

There are many conveniences to consider when updating your home for aging in place capabilities. We provide home renovations for safety and comfort in the Spokane area so you can approach advanced age with as much ease as possible. Items such as grab bars, tempering valves to control water temperature, leak detection devices, and more should be considered when creating a safe, accessible home.